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Dance Program

TODDLER TIME:.- (ages 1 to 3 years)  
This class meets once a week for 30 minutes. It is a mother/child participation class. Here we allow the child to begin to discover the beautiful world of dance through basic movements.

An introduction to the dance forms of Ballet, Tap and Basic Tumbling. 

A combination of the art forms of Ballet, Tap

Classes are taught with the highest regard for the tradition, technique and artistry of Classical Ballet. Concern is in cultivating the harmony of correct technique and individual creative expression. Class length is one hour. Approximate ages 10 and up. 

Jazz is a highly stylized and rhythmic dance discipline. Classes consist of Jazz warm-ups and choreographed combinations. Approximate ages 6 & up. 

Tap classes provide a look inside a truly American dance tradition. Steps and Rhythm’s are combined to create fun and exciting tap routines. Class length is one half hour. Approximate ages 10 and up. 

Lyrical dance tells a story or conveys a message through expression and movement that is fluid and controlled. The class reinforces a strong ballet foundation and teaches the ability to convey a message to the audience and develop an inner awareness of movement. Approximate ages 8 and up. 

Acrobatics classes teach strength, flexibility and control with the artistic use of movements and tricks. An acrobat needs more strength in the lower back and uses control to power the tricks wear as a gymnast generally has a spring floor and uses more force to accomplish tricks. Approximate ages 4 and up. 

Also, Modern, Hip Hop, And Adult Programs.

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